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A New Web Site

As you can see, I just finished a major overhauling of this Web site.

More specifically, I migrated my Web site to another platform: Octopress. Octopress is an awesome CMS, and it suits my needs perfectly. It enables me to write this blog on my laptop, using the awesome Markdown language, anytime and anywhere. When I am back online, I can then trigger the content generation procedure and upload the resulting files on my hosting service using FTP.

As Octopress generates static content, one can use it with any Web hosting service available on the market. In addition, Octopress comes out-of-the-box with some really gorgeous (and sensible) themes, enabling its adopters to focus on their Web site’s content instead of spending an outrageous amount of time to tailor CSS stylesheets and CMS-generated HTML markup to their needs. Octopress is also easily customizable and has a wide range of awesome plugins. Finally, Octopress is written in Ruby - so it is even hack-friendly! How can you beat that? ;-)